Efficiency = power range

⚡Let's talk about power range⚡

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Head porting

Stock ports are really narrow and restrictive above 300hp.Porting is the process of enlarging the head's ports' diameter in a way we maintain high velocity and swirling of air for maximum performance and optimization of air/fuel mixture.

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Maximizing flow

As we have promised,  not only we validate our claims providing our supporters with data of our developments,  but also we are proving why tuning means to improve everything in perfect combination.  

Here is the flow charts of a stock head vs a ported head.  Pay attention how ported head not only increases the flow at a huge percentage, but keep increasing it as valve lift increases before it becomes constant. That means flow increases at also low and mid valve lifts. In order to take full advantage of that flow we need to redesign the cam profile. That's why we say that an upgraded camshaft combined with ported head give maximum gains.

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Multiair camshaft upgrade

The first upgraded multiair camshaft produced worldwide by MTD at 2016.

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Multiair recirculating valve

One of the most common problems of multiair engines is the operation of the Bov's. 

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